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Latest company new about Coal Gangue To Make Environmentally Stone Paper Goods

Coal Gangue To Make Environmentally Stone Paper Goods

Legend has it that fine stones can sing, can stones make paper? The answer is yes, the waste of coal gangue can make paper is no longer a fantasy. The box made of coal gangue has a plastic feeling when touched by hand, but its toughness is very strong, and it will not tear when pulled hard. Take it in your hand, it is softer than ordinary fiber paper products. Their raw materials are not traditional pulp, but stone. The limestone, which is made of coal gangue and tailings slag, is crushed, screened and ground to form ultrafine modified ore powder. After calcination into quicklime with a calcium content of 57% or more, it is ground into nanometer ultrafine whitening powder and added. 20% of specific PE, PP and other additives are processed by special processes such as casting and stretching, three-layer co-extrusion, blow molding, and stone paper goods. The paper's scientific name is 'environmental synthetic paper', and its raw material is limestone. The stone content of each paper is about 70% to 80%. The characteristics of the stone wrapping paper material give it special properties. The stone carton made of this paper has a particularly high compressive strength, folding resistance, waterproofness and integral molding. According to statistical analysis of the data, the synthetic calcium polymer board has a burst strength of up to 264 KPa and a double side pressure strength compared with ordinary corrugated board. Even in the environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 80 degrees Celsius, the stone carton will not be deformed and damaged, especially suitable for the transshipment packaging of fruits, vegetables, frozen seafood and so on. The biggest feature of large wrapping paper is environmental protection. Since the entire production process is a physical change, complete zero emissions are achieved. In terms of water use, traditional papermaking consumes 100 tons of fresh water per ton of paper produced, while the entire production process of the stone paper goods process does not require water. In the raw materials, the main raw material of traditional papermaking is forest and grass resources, and the main raw materials of the stone paper production process are coal gangue, slag and other stone materials. The amount of stone wrapping paper produced by one ton of stone is equivalent to 20 trees. The most important thing is that the product can be recycled indefinitely. After the used carton is recycled, it can be directly crushed and processed without causing secondary pollution. Stone paper is not only non-flammable, but the only product produced after combustion is white calcium carbonate powder, which can be used as a raw material. A seemingly simple stone board production line is supported by a number of production technology invention patents and new equipment patents. The solid waste such as coal gangue and tailings slag is consumed cleanly, and all are made into recyclable “green”stone paper goods.
Latest company new about Three Processes For Producing Stone Paper Disposal Goods

Three Processes For Producing Stone Paper Disposal Goods

Stone paper disposal goods is mainly composed of stone powder (calcium carbonate), resin, etc. At present, many domestic enterprises or research institutions claim to have mastered this technology. From the information that has been published, the technologies of each enterprise are similar. The proportions are close. It's basically 80% stone powder with 20% additives. The specific addition composition, proportion and operation process are different. It is reported, there are 3 kinds of the process of green paper such as stone paper mainly. The first is calendering by batching, mixing, modification, extrusion materials, calendering. The shortcomings of calendering process is that it is complex, and it is generally used to produce more than 0.1mm of environmentally friendly paper products. The product proportion is big, and the equipment price is expensive, but the product surface is smooth. It is suitable for printing products like the advanced sample and the book cover. The second is the flow method. Instead of calender, we can produce green paper of different thickness. However, the distribution of molecular chain in environmental paper is unidirectional, so the vertical, horizontal and physical properties of environmental paper products are quite different. This is a major shortcoming of environmentally friendly paper. The third is the bidirectional stretch method. In the bidirectional stretching process, there will be some small gaps between the substrate plastic and the filling material, thus reducing the proportion and cost of environmental protection paper. Due to the refraction of light by these small gaps, the environmental protection paper produced by it has a good appearance and has been widely used in fields such as packaging, printing, advertising. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. provides stone paper printing products for sale all year around. Using stone paper more often is equivalent to cutting less trees. Protect our nature from now. Welcome to call us for order.
Latest company new about More Environmentally Friendly, Paper Can Be Made Of Waterproof Stone Notebook

More Environmentally Friendly, Paper Can Be Made Of Waterproof Stone Notebook

Have you ever seen any waterproof stone notebook? Technical research and development team of Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. recycled building materials, ground it into stone powder,and mixed the powder with a small amount of resin, so the "stone paper" was successfully produced. The toughness of these paper is stronger than ordinary paper, it has whiter color, and effect of waterproof. After writing, soak it in water and rub it, the paper won't break and the fonts won't spread. After drying the water, we can repeat writing on it. The paper has the following features: environmentally friendly, waterproof and not easy to burn. The difference between stone paper and ordinary paper The appearance of stone paper will save a lot of trees. Producing a ton of stone paper help reduce the cutting of 20 trees. In the manufacturing process, there is no need of water, agents such as bleach, strong acid, strong alkali. It does not discharge waste water, waste gas and does not produce waste. Notebooks made of stone paper cost a little more than ordinary ones, ranging from 8 to 10 yuan each. From the perspective of environmental protection, China's waste recycling system is in a leading position in the world. For example, when you buy a car, you need to add 5000 yuan to the commission. After the car is scrapped and sent to the recycling center, you can take back 5,000 yuan. The plastic fiber clothes produced in China are made from waste mineral water bottles. This product has the vast majority of the global market share. In the field of agricultural science and technology, we hope that through the rapid development of enterprises, we can share our environmental and creative ideas and scientific and technological achievements with the world. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. provides the stone paper printing products for sale all year round. Welcome to order.
Latest company new about Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper, A Major Breakthrough In The Low-Carbon Industry

Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper, A Major Breakthrough In The Low-Carbon Industry

Waterproof Notebook StonePaper is the advanced paper technology leading the world in the domestic. With Calcium carbonate, the most abundant mineral resource in the earth's crust, as the main raw material, high polymer materials and a variety of inorganic materials as auxiliary raw materials, new technology for stone and paper is the new paper making technology that makes use of chemical principle of polymer interface and filling modification technology, is produced specially, recycled reversibly, and has the features of modern technology. The birth of this technology not only solves the harm of the traditional paper pollution to the environment, but also solves the white pollution caused by the use of a large number of plastic packaging materials and the waste of a large number of petroleum resources. Stone paper is more flexible than ordinary paper. It is not easy to tear. We can write on it. It is of water and oil proof. It is said that stone paper is widely used in garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, etc. It can also be used in cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, etc. It can also be used in fields such as building materials decoration, industrial packaging. It can even be used for special paper, such as field work paper, military special paper, etc. It is widely used. The economic benefits and social significance of stone paper are enormous Traditional papermaking technology needs to cut down a lot of wood and use a lot of water. It discharges sewage and toxic and harmful substances in the production process, causing serious harm to the environment and human health. Throughout the production process, stone paper does not need water, strong acid, strong alkali, bleach powder and many organic chlorides. Compared with the traditional papermaking process, it saves several important pollution links such as cooking, washing and bleaching, and fundamentally eliminates the pollution problem caused by "three wastes" in papermaking process. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. provides stone paper printing products for sale all year around,such as rock paper notebooks. Using stone paper more often is equivalent to cutting less trees. Protect our nature from now. Welcome to call us for order.  
Latest company new about

"Burn After Reading" Black Technology Notebook. It Will Not Be Used Up In 60 Years And Store In 1 Se

Is this a "burn after reading" notebook? Do do think too much. This "Burning" is not that "Burning". It is very magical. When the hair dryer blows, the handwriting on the notebook will disappear automatically. Everyone is familiar with paper notebook in student life to social work used for doing homework or recording work. It is not only convenient to record, but also we have satisfaction to write with a paper notebook. Every day we write on paper notebooks. We are all too familiar with notebooks. But the magical notebook with black technology, so called "it can not be used up" —have you ever seen? The most amazing feature of Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper is that there is no need to worry about wrong characters. The writing can be cleared by brushing with the end of pen slightly like eraser. More amazingly, it can freshen up the entire notebook by using a hair dryer. If you do not have the hair dryer, you can also dab it on a damp cloth or paper towel. The writing disappears without trace. Can the notebook tolerate erasing over and over again? So the problem is, I want to keep all the information in my waterproof notebook stone paper, will the writing before be in vain if I erase it? Don't worry, the second black technology - witness the miracle moment. APP smart cloud synchronization. Through the APP, we can also scan the written content and synchronize the created content to the cloud for storage. Just like this, scan it and finish importing the content. It is very simple and convenient. It supports automatic border recognition, OCR recognition of content. It also supports the function of picture to the text and recognition of Chinese and English.
Latest company new about Do You Know That Stones Can Be Made Into Paper?

Do You Know That Stones Can Be Made Into Paper?

Waterproof Stone Notebook is a new material between paper and plastic. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of paper, it can save a lot of forest resources for the society, and reduce the secondary pollution produced in the papermaking process. From the perspective of replacing the traditional part of plastic packaging, it can save a lot of strategic resources, oil, for the country. But some experts question whether it can be degraded. As a new thing, the stone paper moves on in the controversy. What is stone paper? Stone paper is also called stone material paper. Limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution (calcium carbonate content up to 70~80% is the main source and the high polymer is the auxiliary material (the content is 20-30%). It makes use of the chemical principle of Polymer interface and the feature of polymer modification. After special processing, it adpots polymer extrusion, blowing molding process. It is a kind of processed paper. Stone paper has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, and has the core performance of plastic packaging. How does it contribute to environmental protection? Resource conservation and energy conservation. Stone paper comes from mines. The trees do not need to be cut down. It is a great protection for the forest. Calcium carbonate is the main raw material, so no water need to adding in the process. It saves precious water resources. At the same time, the energy consumption is lower than the traditional wood pulp paper. It will help solve problems such as global warming caused by carbon dioxide. Shenzhen Stone Paper Enterprise Ltd. povides stone paper printing products all the year round. Welcome to order. Tag: Stone Paper Notebook Suppliers ; Waterproof Stone Notebook ; Rock Paper Notebooks ; Waterproof Notebook Stone Paper