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Company News About Coal Gangue To Make Environmentally Stone Paper Goods

Coal Gangue To Make Environmentally Stone Paper Goods

Coal Gangue To Make Environmentally Stone Paper Goods

Legend has it that fine stones can sing, can stones make paper? The answer is yes, the waste of coal gangue can make paper is no longer a fantasy. The box made of coal gangue has a plastic feeling when touched by hand, but its toughness is very strong, and it will not tear when pulled hard. Take it in your hand, it is softer than ordinary fiber paper products. Their raw materials are not traditional pulp, but stone.

The limestone, which is made of coal gangue and tailings slag, is crushed, screened and ground to form ultrafine modified ore powder. After calcination into quicklime with a calcium content of 57% or more, it is ground into nanometer ultrafine whitening powder and added. 20% of specific PE, PP and other additives are processed by special processes such as casting and stretching, three-layer co-extrusion, blow molding, and stone paper goods.

The paper's scientific name is 'environmental synthetic paper', and its raw material is limestone. The stone content of each paper is about 70% to 80%. The characteristics of the stone wrapping paper material give it special properties. The stone carton made of this paper has a particularly high compressive strength, folding resistance, waterproofness and integral molding. According to statistical analysis of the data, the synthetic calcium polymer board has a burst strength of up to 264 KPa and a double side pressure strength compared with ordinary corrugated board. Even in the environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 80 degrees Celsius, the stone carton will not be deformed and damaged, especially suitable for the transshipment packaging of fruits, vegetables, frozen seafood and so on.

The biggest feature of large wrapping paper is environmental protection. Since the entire production process is a physical change, complete zero emissions are achieved. In terms of water use, traditional papermaking consumes 100 tons of fresh water per ton of paper produced, while the entire production process of the stone paper goods process does not require water. In the raw materials, the main raw material of traditional papermaking is forest and grass resources, and the main raw materials of the stone paper production process are coal gangue, slag and other stone materials. The amount of stone wrapping paper produced by one ton of stone is equivalent to 20 trees. The most important thing is that the product can be recycled indefinitely. After the used carton is recycled, it can be directly crushed and processed without causing secondary pollution. Stone paper is not only non-flammable, but the only product produced after combustion is white calcium carbonate powder, which can be used as a raw material.

A seemingly simple stone board production line is supported by a number of production technology invention patents and new equipment patents. The solid waste such as coal gangue and tailings slag is consumed cleanly, and all are made into recyclable “green”stone paper goods.