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Adhesive Sticker Label Paper Made By Stone For Packaging RPD100

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Supply Ability: 100000PCS PER MONTH

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Packaging Paper Made By Stone


Paper Made By Stone RPD100


Sticker Label Paper Made By Stone

Brand Name:
Customized Size
OEM And ODM Are Welcome
CMYK Or Pantone Color
Brand Name:
Customized Size
OEM And ODM Are Welcome
CMYK Or Pantone Color
Adhesive Sticker Label Paper Made By Stone For Packaging RPD100

Eco-Friendly Adhesive Wine Bottle Sticker Label Waterproof Tear Resistant Stone Paper For Packaging RPD100

Stone Paper is type of paper that is made from crushed stone. It’s idea is about sustainable development with respect to our planet. By using mineral power (Calcium Carbonate) Stone Paper bags and packages are tree-free, and no water or bleach is used during production, which is the case during the production of traditional wood pulp paper.


Stone paper has some attractive characteristics as a writing material. At first touch, you can tell the sheets aren’t normal wood-based paper. The pages are smoother, and you have to make an effort to tear them. Ink writes just as well, or perhaps even better, although some gel inks may take a minute or two to dry completely. In many ways stone papers like Repap seem to reinvigorate paper with aspects you always wished paper had. It’s durable, oil and tear resistant, and waterproof, and since you can fold it like paper your airplane-making days may not be as numbered as you thought before.

Product Description

Custom Textured Paper Sticker For Red Wine Premium Textured Paper Wine Bottle Label Wine Sticker With Gold Foil
Stone paper ,PP,PVC,Synthetic paper,Aluminum foil paper,pearl paper ,etc
Any size are available
CMYK, Spot Color, Pantone Color, Transparent, Gold, Silver, Green, Red
Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval
As your custom design/artwork file/original sample
Various thickness according to customers' design
Gloss Laminating, Glossy, Matte Varnishing, Matte Lamination, Embossing, Hot Stamping(silver, gold or other colors), Matt/gloss laminating, Hot gold/silver /Copper Hot stamping, UV coating, vanishing, polishing, etc
In rolls/sheets, stretched film/shrink wrap, outer cartons/customized
Color Printing, Silk Screen, Thermal Transfer, Offset, Lithographic Printing, Water Transfer, Digital Printing, Gravure
Environment Friendly, Letterpress, Glossy Surface, Waterproof, Anti-Counterfeit, Heat-Resistant, Durable, Anti-Fake, Brand Protection, Scratch-Off, Holographic, Heat Sensitive, Removable, Barcode Layer, Double Layer
Medicine, Commodity, Office Equipment, Custom Sticker, Shipping Labels, Food, CD, Bottled Beverage, Price Tag, Cosmetic, Clothing,Electronics, Toy, Chemicals, Retail Trade Products....
According to different materials/sizes/quantities/designs/ processes
By express or by sea .
Lead Time
5-8 business days after prepaid.
1. Available in custom designs and OEM service.
2. We have professional printing equiptments and skilled workers which can ensure the quality of the products.
3. For a quick and reasonable quotation, artwork or real sample will be appreciated.

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Stone paper is a type of paper that is made out of calcium carbonate 80% (limestone) and bio-polyethylene resin 20% (HDPE). In this case, the HDPE is used as a binder. Thereby, limestone from existing limestone quarries is being used as the raw material and processed into a fine powder.

The color of Stone paper is originally white, therefore it does not require any further bleaching process. Because of its high density, stone paper products also retain their shape over time.

Due to its composition, stone paper is waterproof, resistant to grease and washable. The feel is similar to that of tissue paper.

The products are disposed and recycled in the normal way. Here, the stone paper is turned back into calcium carbonate and becomes limestone again.


The Features of (RPD) Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated Stone Paper
For paper applications
100-200 microns thick
80% calcium carbonate + 20%PE

Type Thickness Density Base Weight Opacity Applications
um g/cm3 (g/m2)
(RPD)Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated 100 1.2 120 >90% Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads, Hotel supplies
120 144 >90% Food packaging, Notebooks, Notepads
140 168 >90% Paper bags, manuals, envelopes, notebooks
160 192 >90% Magazines, books, Paper bags, Wrapping papers
180 216 >90% Kid's books, Maps, Calendar, labels & Tags
200 240 >90% Publishings, wallpaper,And other special

Adhesive Sticker Label Paper Made By Stone For Packaging RPD100 1


Stone paper combines advantages of paper and plastic

Stone paper bags and promotional materials are the ecological and modern alternative to traditional plastic carrier bags. If you want to make your high-quality advertising media sustainable in the future, then you have come to the right place. Stone Paper Products GmbH
“Stone paper” is a revolutionary limestone material, a naturally occurring resource. Not only because of its environmentally friendly manufacturing method, it is a real alternative to the usual materials such as paper or plastic, and the elegant appearance makes your advertising materials a complete success.
Like polyethylene, Stone Paper is durable and waterproof. However, as it decomposes into dust again only after a short time due to the influence of wind and weather, it can compete with biodegradable plastic. Due to its easy formability and foldability as well as the extremely high-quality look and feel, stone paper is comparable to classic paper and just as easily printable.
Stone paper products bring with them all the advantages they expect from a quality carrying bag. Compared to a paper or plastic bag, however, they hardly pollute the environment.
Due to its stability and its modern design, the stone paper bag can also be used as an alternative to fabric or jute bags. Although the popular printable fabric bag is often made from organic cotton, the water used to make this material is gigantic.
Eco-friendly promotional products to your taste
Your Stone Paper Carrying Pouch will be equipped with a zip, press or Velcro fastener. Provided with your logo, they are the perfect and sustainable packaging for give-aways, information materials – and even for food. Free in size and shape, we can tailor the carrier bags to your exact needs. And should it rain, your promotional products will still come dry to your destination. Even without a plastic bag!
The treeless paper is also great for labels, envelopes, calendars, notepads, maps, workbooks – and many other applications! We implement your ideas together, talk to us.

Adhesive Sticker Label Paper Made By Stone For Packaging RPD100 2




1. Do I need a special pen or pencil to write on stone paper?

Nope! We tried and tested pencils and pens with no issue. In fact, since the stone paper absorbs less ink than regular paper, it looks cleaner and has zero bleed-through. Our recommended pen is a good ol' fashioned ballpoint. They may seem like a boring choice but you'll understand why once you feel the glide of a ballpoint on our paper. We have found that some fountain pens may take longer to dry than ballpoints. However, you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down

2. Can I use a pencil and is it erasable?

Yes and yes, of course. You’ll find that since there’s no fibers in stone paper, pencil marks erase much easier and unlike some low-quality papers, you can’t erase a hole into it. Be careful not to sharpen too much though, the pencil may grab onto the paper like piercing with a needle. We recommend a thickness like 0.7 or greater.
3. What happens to different pens on stone paper?
Ballpoints and gel pens will be absolutely fine! However, be wary of fountain pens and felt tips. Depending on the construction of the tip, you may need to alter your grip, angle, or how hard you press down. Since the paper has no grain direction, writing on the paper with the same force will be unnecessary.






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