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OEM Stone Paper Packaging Sticker Label Stone Paper Waterproof

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5000pcs

Price: USD0.1-1/PC

Delivery Time: 20-30 DAYS

Supply Ability: 100000PCS PER MONTH

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OEM Stone Paper Packaging


OEM Stone Paper Waterproof


Sticker Label Stone Paper Waterproof

Brand Name:
Customized Size
OEM And ODM Are Welcome
CMYK Or Pantone Color
Brand Name:
Customized Size
OEM And ODM Are Welcome
CMYK Or Pantone Color
OEM Stone Paper Packaging Sticker Label Stone Paper Waterproof

Waterproof And Strong Adhesive Bottle Sticker Label Tear Resistant Stone Paper RPD100 For Packaging

stone paper, as the name suggests, is made from stone. Stone Paper is about sustainable development with respect to our planet. By using mineral power (Calcium Carbonate) Stone Paper bags and packages are tree-free, and no water or bleach is used during production, which is the case during the production of traditional wood pulp paper. Stone Paper is ISO 14001:2004 certified, alongside ROHS, REACH and FDA. Above all, Stone Paper has the C2C silver certificate.



Product Description

Stone paper ,PP,PVC,Synthetic paper,Aluminum foil paper,pearl paper ,etc
Any size are available
CMYK, Spot Color, Pantone Color, Transparent, Gold, Silver, Green, Red
Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval
As your custom design/artwork file/original sample
RPD100, RPD90
Gloss Laminating, Glossy, Matte Varnishing, Matte Lamination, Embossing, Hot Stamping(silver, gold or other colors), Matt/gloss laminating, Hot gold/silver /Copper Hot stamping, UV coating, vanishing, polishing, etc
In rolls/sheets, stretched film/shrink wrap, outer cartons/customized
Medicine, Commodity, Office Equipment, Custom Sticker, Shipping Labels, Food, CD, Bottled Beverage, Price Tag, Cosmetic, Clothing,Electronics, Toy, Chemicals, Retail Trade Products....
By express or by sea .
Lead Time
5-8 business days after prepaid.
1. Available in custom designs and OEM service.
2. We have professional printing equiptments and skilled workers which can ensure the quality of the products.
3. For a quick and reasonable quotation, artwork or real sample will be appreciated.

OEM Stone Paper Packaging Sticker Label Stone Paper Waterproof 0

Recycle process


Both the production-process as well as the end-product are very clean and non-wasteful. In addition, Stone Paper paper is easily broken down by sunlight; 200 micron thick G-ECO paper will begin to break and crack like an egg shell in the outside air in a period of 9 to 12 months (if the material is left in the sun 10 hours a day). It can also be easily burned without the release of harmful gasses.

Stone Paper is recyclable with plastic (percentage is only 20%). There has been no indication that Stone Paper, in any way, affects the recycling stream. It causes no disruption in the recycling centers or while sorting. Stone Paper needs to be recycled by means of the category 2 recycling stream. Stone Paper is not plastic nor pulp paper. This can be proved by burning a sheet of Stone Paper, which produces a natural chalky residue of calcium carbonate. Since calcium carbonate is used as a filler in plastics, it’s a useful addition to the category 2 plastic recycling stream. If Stone Paper does end up in the recycling stream of paper, it will be separated and re-routed to the category 2 stream and burned in an oven to generate energy. No harmful gasses are released by burning Stone Paper.

OEM Stone Paper Packaging Sticker Label Stone Paper Waterproof 1
Stone Paper is a tree-free paper, that consists mostly out of calcium carbonate bound with a small percentage of non-toxic resin. In addition, it’s safely broken down by nature and will be completely gone in 9 to 12 months if left in nature. Without the exhaustion of any harmful gasses.

Despite of Stone Paper being tree-free, it shares similarities to traditional wood pulp paper in regard to elasticy and tear-resistancyin a ratio of 1:1 and 2:1.

During the production of Stone Paper, no trees, water, toxins or bleach is used. And the unused or excess is easily recycled into new Stone Paper. In addition, it is water-resistant, and since it’s tree-free and in essence fiber-free, it doesn’t absorb ink and therefore uses 15 to 20% less ink during print in comparison to wood pulp paper. The result is an extremely sharp image.

Stone Paper has a direct influence on the environment. Replacing regular paper by Stone Paper results in a significant decrease in environmental impact. CO2 exhaustion is dramatically lower and above all, the production process is very clean. No water is used, no bleach or chemical solutions and of course not a single tree is felled.

We compared the sustainability of Stone Paper vs regular paper
Cradle-to-gate: we took in account all CO₂-exhaustion as a result of: attaining, processing and transporting of raw materials; producing the paper; transport from the factory, and intermediate storage, to the client. Stone Paper produces 474 kg CO2 per ton compared to 1.431 kg CO2 per ton for pulp paper.
Raw materials and their impact on the environment
Stone Paper: Calciumcarbonate (80%), originating from waste material from stone quarries, completely recyclable, recycle-percentage 58%. Recycled HDPE (20%), completely recyclable, recycle-percentage 27% Pulp paper: wood pulp is produced from wood, for this 18 trees are required, wood pulp can be recycled up to 8 times max, recycle-percentage 69%, 92% of forests for pulp-production has a certificate for sustainable forestation.
Comparison: Stone Paper is produced entirely from recycled waste material and has a minimal impact on the environment, all the while 18 trees are required to be chopped down to produce 1.000 kg of pulp paper, which can only be replaced after slowly growing them back. Pulp paper has a higher recycling percentage than Stone Paper, but can only be recycled up to 8 times.
Water consumption during production
Stone Paper: the production process is free from water consumption: 0 liter water per 1.000 kg Pulp paper: during production 35.000 liter of water is used, of this 2.770 liter per 1.000 kg pulp paper is consumed and the rest is re-used later.
Comparison: By choosing for 1.000 kg of Stone Paper over 1.000 kg of pulp paper the consumption of 2.770 liter of water is prevented. This is equal to the drink water consumption (coffee, tea, glass of water, etc.) of an average person over the course of more than 50 months.
Waste that is not re-used during the production process
Stone Paper: no waste during the production process: 0 kg waste per 1.000 kg Pulp paper: almost no waste during the production process: 15 kg waste per 1.000 kg.
Comparison: Both types of paper have a very low waste percentage. Stone Paper scores slightly better on this area than pulp paper.


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